• The Eyeballed

    (Geman paperback by S. Fischer Publishers)
    An AI-thriller from the not so-distant future, in which ours thoughts are nothing but data. Read more

  • Endland

    (Carl Hanser Publishers and dtv. The Chinese translation will be published 2019, Commercial Press, Taipei)
    What would become of Germany, should a right-wing party come to power? Read more

  • The Scanners

    (German hardcover and paperback editions by S. Fischer Publishers. The Chinese translation is published by The Commercial Press, Taipei, the Spanish edition is published by Ediciones Siruela, Madrid. The Russian edition by KompasGid, Moscow. The Ukrainian edition by Discursus Publishing House, Ivano-Frankivsk)
    A dystopia from the year 2035 as told by Robert M. Sonntag, born in 2010. Read more